Misrata land of heroes   مصراتة ارض الابطال  

History Of Misrata

Misurata in a history book
Misurata City is one of the commercial stations, which entered the Phoenicians in the establishment on the north-western parts of the Libyan coast in the tenth century BC and so she may be more than three thousand years. The city known then as "Tubakt" and derived its importance from being a crossroads of so many vital roads and it also mediates an agricultural area mentioned as the "Kayvalai Bromentoriom" in the documents named (the lengths of the spaces in the great sea) Stadia Samos Marcy Mjagni "in the fourth century BC any that mentioned in those documents dating back to more than two thousand and three hundred and fifty years, which is the oldest sources stating that the "Palace of Ahmed
"And has been found so far.
It was described by geographical "Strabo" in the first century AD as a head covered with tall forest and a large Gulf of Sirte. As the report by "Ptolemy" geographical, known as "Traeron Akron" (ie the heads of the three) as it consists of three heads from the land far back into the sea was inhabited by a tribe "Missouratp" became known as the name of this tribe Misurata, a name that you know it now it is also known as the " sand
"Because there are many sand dunes of white and yellow
Misurata, Jihad heroes
And I have such a history of Misurata in the era of Italian colonialism in Libya a bright page in the history of Jihad, Libyan and Arab alike, and has emerged from her children's leaders Ofdad in the fields of jihad was the best known and most popular figure known to Libyan Jihad against the occupier, the Italian man of singular intelligence is the ability of a military superior, a champion fighter Ramadan, your Alsteioi Sowaihili and which has cost the Italians losses is not the most important of all battle Alkarzabip but it was a final blow to the occupation of the Italian led to the imbalance of the Italian presence in Libya, which invited him to re-examine how his presence in Libya, a position giving rise to the first Republic in the Arab world in all pride, namely the Republic of Tripoli On 18 - 11-1918 and was the pilot and commander of its plan your hero Ramadan Alsteioi Sowaihili leaders, along with Solomon Baroni, Ahmad Nabi patient and good.
Republic became Tripoli to join the brigade under which all officers and national armies and thus raised the banner of Jihad, Libyan Almuahd under the chairmanship of one of your Ramadan Alsteioi Sowaihili

Ramadan Sowaihili in the eyes of his enemies [1]
Let the reader with excerpts from the diary Jratzayani general Italian war against Libya, which describes your Alsteioi Sowaihili Ramadan, the commander who fought tooth and nail painting, the son of Misurata hero.
It was the biggest opponents of the Italians and the greatest Tjibra and who did not let the way since 1912 and Beyond to block our work that we Namlha to pacify the country and to show publicly and Mnawoth each work on our part does not indicate a strengthening of our authority, but on the generosity and tolerance.
It was not the man had received the premium of the culture but was present quick-witted mind. , And the height and speed and arrived at the center of a serious language thanks to the courage and fanaticism and to help him luck. The Germans and Turks better a pillar of strength and power.
  It was twelve Italo-Turkish War thanks to his courage, his tendency instinctive leader of the pimp ((Hometown)) prestigious. Was an enemy of both Kanu saw his autocratic rule in the authoritarian oppressor. Have prevented the work of a firm in the year 1954 of Alistmrrip in his criminal was doing to harm us as a prisoner in our hands, but shows another act of weakness for the outrageous can not be justified or explained it would release a second time.
On 29 - 1915 betrayed us Ramadan Alsteioi he and all members of the band that we made arming during the battle that erupted between the Alai Alklonil ((Miani)) and between the rebels in the palace of Abu Hadi, however, that pounced on the campaign and poured his fire on our soldiers and twelve dictatorship (( 1915-16 - 17-18)) has permitted arrogance, control, and the place of law and broadcast in all his work of hatred and cruelty Almtnahin against everyone talking about Italians or show sympathy for the Italians, and beaten with whips of those unfortunate people who were calling for the presence of government regulation as amputations of Kano offer for Summit live to the prisoners of our soldiers and hang from Kano, like the Italians or demonstrating their love for their interest or their profit.
And has continued in disobedience to the end and when he saw all the other brothers surrender and that the people have felt tired of fighting the pain and hope of E, conditions, and despite that others had advised him only that he did not ask for mercy from those who have long Ghafroa his sins.
And the heart upside down all of our work and disobeyed the command did not accept the government calls him and was taken by his arrogance that he could overcome the pro-Nabi good to us, but neglected the special regulation water Bmahlath ((forces)), which led to the exhaustion of the forces of troops of thirst
However, the bold step to save himself from the impasse and that the other leader Yasser Nabi well.
On the morning of August 24 were surprised Nabi good three men walk in stealth until his bedroom and called that followed, but by pretending to change his clothes in the meantime had appealed to some of his assistants and they turned on the soldiers of Ramadan and killed them and started after the firing command, who rushed his men and Rafla from everywhere Menkdin the men Ramadan and quickly signed Ramadan easily into the trap of Ramadan and signed himself in the hands of men and Rafla and killed him and have submitted his head to the Nabi well. .
Such was the conclusion of the bitterest opponents of Italy and the largest hate them and this was fortunate because he was Haizalsafat leader barbaric as well as the adequacy of policy and unusual as it was a religious leader, a large managed to obtain a place in spite of his past moral bad because this man because he had remained in the life we ​​had to meet the leader can gather around the rebel forces while we re-occupation operations.